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Research fellow at Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Croatia. Working on the tensor based methods for the road traffic anomaly detection.

There is an easy way of visualizing the GPS data on the maps.

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Visualization of the GPS data can be challenging when using programming languages. Some interesting Python packages can be used for such purposes. But, it can be hard to install and use them in some cases, especially if you have only a simple task to do. This article will show the…

Explore a new way of visualizing and analysing road traffic data

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There are lots of ways of modeling the road traffic data. Researchers mostly use some kind of time series that represent the changes in some traffic parameters in time, like speed, delay, or volume. Mostly, aggregation of a lot…

Thoughts and Theory

On how to use a large set of GPS data for feeding fuzzy-based system for road traffic congestion quantification

Photo by Fancy Crave on Unsplash

In this article, the overview of the paper “Fuzzy Inference System for Congestion Index Estimation Based on Speed Probability Distributions” [1] will be given. …

On how to find hidden phenomena by mining the traffic data

Panic (Image by: Author)

Traffic data is commonly used by traffic scientists and engineers to model and predict traffic behavior. But, is it possible to extract some “hidden” phenomena that are not strictly related to traffic flow by using traffic data? …

A novel approach for measuring the anomaly level on the road networks using GPS traffic data

Photo by Conor Samuel on Unsplash

Speed Transition Matrix (STM) [1] is a novel traffic data technique used for traffic-related analysis. This article will show a novel method for estimating the anomaly level on the road network using the STM. The full paper can be found here [2].

1. Intro

Road traffic anomaly detection is an essential research…

Easy-to-use sensor that enables machine learning and artificial intelligence in automated systems

Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

Distance measurement is one of the most important measurements for different tasks, mostly related but not limited to robotic or other automatic systems. Tasks could include room mapping, park sensors, speed measurement, movement detection, 3D modeling, and similar.

In this short series of articles, I will show you how to…

A novel approach for classification of the traffic state on a city-wide scale

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Speed Transition Matrix (STM) is a novel traffic data technique used for all kinds of traffic-related analysis like traffic state estimation, anomaly detection, etc. This article will show how the STM can be applied to traffic state classification problems when dealing with GPS data. …

Simple method for visualization of grid-based data using QGIS

Grid-based visualization (Image by: Author)

Have you ever tried to visualize grid-based data on a map? QGIS is an excellent choice for dealing with maps and visualizations! Sometimes, when you are working with a lot of data and layers, it is challenging to use GUI (Graphical…

Leo Tisljaric

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